I am no longer a tweet up virgin


Winnipeg Twitterers attended (what we think) is our first tweet up last Tuesday.

What’s a tweet up?

Remember all those folks you follow on Twitter and who follow you? Remember how you’ve never met most of them? The tweet up brings you together in a physical setting so you can hear and see breathing human beings.

Though as @neonne – one of my US Twitter pals – commented: “Hope you had fun but umm.. isn’t the whole point of the interwebs so we don’t have to go out there?”

Ah yes. There is that. And usually I don’t leave the house other than to go to work or walk Sadie Shih Tzu.

I used to shop A LOT. But my other half put the kibosh on that. And I’ve no idea why…

Back to the tweet up…

I met a group of lovely peeps: @stevestlouis; @AshleyDMorgan; @DustinPlett; @adamdooley; @R_Bracken; @k3ith; @alishaizanne; @wcooke1; and I already know @Positronics.

There were a couple of folks there who, despite looking at their name badges, I don’t know on Twitter.

The tweet up was super informal. None of this superficial networking that the lovely Miss Britt encountered in Orlando (big shout out to any Orlando folks reading this! No offence intended.)

We talked mostly about Twitter. Which isn’t surprising. I wonder where our future tweet up conversation topics will net out. After all our common denominator is Twitter.

A few of the gang had their laptops and tweeted occasionally. I told @Positronics that I thought we were supposed to be doing the human contact thing and that I would ignore anyone choosing to tweet and talk at the same time. Which is really quite idiotic of me because these folks were so nice it was impossible to not chat.

The tweet up was short and @Positronics gave me a lift home afterwards – in Winnipeg’s joyous winter climate that makes her a bit of a hero.