Ten super useful websites and Twitter peeps


In January I published a post listing over 20 cool tech, design and marketing cool websites for website folks. I promised to add more sites as I found them.

Instead, I’ve created a new post for ya. There are so many amazing and inspiring websites that have helped me as a blogger and web manager that I wanted to collect them in one place.

I use Twitter daily and, thanks to the folks I follow, have discovered some brilliant websites and very talented people. They are included here too.

1. Webdesigner Depot – Not only does this site look delicious, the content rocks too. Webdesigner Depot covers stuff on design, coding, typography and Photoshop tutorials. I think I’ve added almost every one of their recently published posts to Twitter.


2. Stuart Robertson/Design Meme – I discovered fellow Canadian (and web manager) Stuart Robertson through Twitter. I’ve sought his advice and expertise and enjoyed his many Twitter updates. This guy knows where it’s at.

3. Movie Marketing Madness – I’ve discovered so much stuff on this blog and posted links to a lot of it on my work website – National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI)

4. CinemaTech – This is a super useful blog run by Scott Kirsner who recently published a very interesting book called Fans, Friends & Followers about building an audience and a creative career in the digital age.

5. I Love Colours – An inspirational and beautifully designed website about technology, typography, graphic design and WordPress stuff.


6. DesignM.ag – This has to be one of my absolute favourite websites. I subscribe to their daily feed and am always excited about their brilliant articles and resources for web designers. Steven Snell does a wonderful job of collating tons of information.

7. Vandelay Design Blog – Another treat for web designers. These folks always put together inspirational collections of cool websites and other useful bits and pieces.

8. Grace Smith – I’m a big retweeter and this cool chick from Northern Ireland provides so many amazing links to web related stuff. Grace is another of my top peeps on Twitter. Grace rocks.

9. One Degree – I gotta toot my own horn here. One Degree is an online publication about digital marketing, online communications and social media. I recently started tweeting for them at @onedegree.

10. Mari Smith – Mari is one of my favourite folks on Twitter. This Scottish-Canadian chick is a complete hub of information on all things social media. And despite following a zillion other folks she always finds time to respond to direct messages or @replies.