Month: March 2009

Ten super useful websites and Twitter peeps


In January I published a post listing over 20 cool tech, design and marketing cool websites for website folks. I promised to add more sites as I found them. Instead, I’ve created a new post for ya. There are so many amazing and inspiring websites that have helped me as a blogger and web manager that I wanted to collect them in one place. I use Twitter daily and, thanks to the folks I follow, […]

Part 2 – Newbie’s guide to Twitter


So you’ve got a Twitter account. You’ve got followers and you’re tweeting. By now you should know what all these things mean. If not, read my Newbie’s guide to Twitter part 1. In this post we’re going to look at enhancing your presence on Twitter. Whether you have a personal Twitter account or are representing a brand, this all applies to you. 1. Add a custom background image – this is one way to make […]

I am no longer a tweet up virgin


Winnipeg Twitterers attended (what we think) is our first tweet up last Tuesday. What’s a tweet up? Remember all those folks you follow on Twitter and who follow you? Remember how you’ve never met most of them? The tweet up brings you together in a physical setting so you can hear and see breathing human beings. Though as @neonne – one of my US Twitter pals – commented: “Hope you had fun but umm.. isn’t […]

5 links to help you get the most from Twitter


UPDATE: Since writing this, Mashable published the Twitter Guide Book: how to, tips and instructions. A must read for anyone trying to wrap their head around Twitter. Need some help using Twitter? Check my top five tools and resources. 1. What is Twitter? – video from Common Craft 2. A Twitter Mini-Guide: 60+ useful Twitter resources 3. Twitter for business – should your company Twitter? 4. Twitter Tips – from ProBlogger Darren Rowse 5. Twitter […]

A newbies guide to Twitter


UPDATE: I last updated this post in 2010 because Twitter introduced a new design. Since then Twitter has gone through further redesigns and has created it’s own user guide which will be more up to date. However, a lot of what I’ve included below will still be useful. I recently joined a group on LinkedIn for folks on Twitter. Watching all the discussions there I noticed one piece of advice lacking: a step-by-step guide to using […]

15 tools for monitoring the popularity of a website


If you’re into stats and like to keep a watchful eye on your website you should check out this post on the Six Revisions website. Jacob Gube has created a list of 15 tools for tracking data on your site. We all know about Google Analytics, but this list features a bunch of other tools including Compete, Quantcast, and TweetVolume. One not listed is IceRocket Blog Tracker which I really like. Very simple interface […]