Miss Britt: You rock


In a world of bloggers that’s growing by the minute I’ve found a kindred spirit. She doesn’t know that, of course, and has no idea who I am but that’s ok.

Miss Britt is a long-time blogger who writes pithy, insightful prose that’s also dead funny.

I don’t remember how I found her, prolly through StumbleUpon, but I’m glad I did.

She describes her blog as “… an up close and way too personal look at my life. The good, the bad, the embarrassing, the ugly and the crap that happens to everyone, but no one else wants to talk about.”

Yep – my kinda person.

Her recent post about attending a TweetUp in Orlando reminded me of an all-too-familiar situation I found myself some years ago.

My friend and I attended a party. Not a house party but one where there was ‘networking’ going on. I’m crap at forced networking. And so is my friend. We were also pretty new to our jobs so feeling less than the life and soul.

Actually, make that: intimidated.

So we elected to stand confidently, wine glass in hand and say ‘Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb’ to each other.

Utterly ridiculous. Insanely stupid, but very funny at the time.

Professional networking – a ludicrous idea if you’re even a little bit shy – which I’m really not.

I think it’s ok to stand in a corner and mutter to the few folks you know. After all, isn’t that what everyone else is doing too?

[Update | April 21, 2009: read my interview with Miss Britt AKA Britt Reints.]