Predictions for 2009


It happens every year. A host of ‘experts’ offer up their opinion on what’s to come.

I recently wrote a short post on the National Screen Institute website about the future of the media industry. Not that I’m lauding myself as one of the experts by any means. I read a bunch of stuff by others and collected it together for the post.

But today I read another interesting article on the Media in Canada website.

What struck me about this post was the mention about real-time marketing and the need for brands to be dealing with lots of things at once 24/7.

It’s happened for me over the past 18 months. As a website manager my responsibilities are wide and include lots of marketing online. I do more than I can fit into a working day not because I’m any kind of workoholic but because I love what I do.

This means lots of time online whether it be Facebook, Twitter or various industry sites. Not chatting with friends but trying to get NSI’s message out there one way or another (ok, I admit it, or my dog’s: Sadie Shih Tzu.)

The line between work and play has been blurring for a long time but it’s different than the marketing I did five or six years ago when things seemed very print, radio or TV focused and you could sign off on your proof, leave the office and stop thinking about it.

This is not a complaint. Merely an observation.

Which is why I’ve been playing around a lot with Twitter tools like Tweetdeck to help organise some of the information coming at me and make the best use of it.

My inbox is full everyday with bulletins about web design, Photoshop, social marketing, web and tech trends, industry rumours and I still find time to read them all because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to do my job.

There comes a point though when you have to know when to stop. By the sounds of things all these predictions are pointing towards an even greater need to be doing, observing, interacting.

My wish for 2009? More tools like Tweetdeck that help us focus our marketing and organise the noise because I think it’s going to get very loud in here.