How to manage a website

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Something very important was underlined for me today.

In my opinion, my dear colleagues at the National Screen Institute have always been exceptional.

And I’ve come to appreciate I need those exceptional people in place so that I can do my job as a web manager.

And before you ask, no, this isn’t some sycophantic post.

I’m serious.

Many of the staff at the National Screen Institute are vital to the process of website management.

Each person plays to their strengths and together we make it happen.

So why was this underlined today?

I work with our manager of corporate communications to pull together information for a certain section of our website. It’s an important section so invariably there’s much news.

The timing and organisation of that news is expertly handled by the corporate communications manager. She and I make a brilliant team. Really.

Each week I post the information and I know I can rely on her to get the stuff together. So while I’m juggling 72 things I know this is taken care of.

And our marketing and communications manager flagged an idea we’d had many months ago. A great idea that was still sitting in my back pocket. She’s going to drive that project.

If you want to manage a website well, surround yourself with great people.

They should be folks you know you can rely on. Once you’ve got them in place everything else is easy.

I don’t have endless schedules created in Excel.

I don’t have daily or weekly website meetings.

Instead, I have colleagues that I can communicate with. I can walk to their desk and have a conversation.

If you don’t have this bit right then you’re buggered.