Gary Vaynerchuk tells it like it is


I’ve got a bunch of emails piling up at home that are all things I want to blog about here.

HOWEVER. This one just couldn’t wait.

The message from Gary Vaynerchuk is one that all companies large and small should heed.

(Who is Gary? He apparently gained widespread notoriety as the host of Wine Library TV, a daily internet webcast on the subject of wine, according to Wikipedia. Now he touts himself as an internet celebrity).

Anyway, in essence Gary says stop wasting time and start using the tools in the social media world.

And I totally agree.

I hate processes that hold up action. And when information is flying so fast there’s little time for old processes.

In many cases company folks aren’t making the most of stuff because a zillion people need to approve.

Can you imagine if you had to get approval for every tweet you sent out on Twitter? I bet there are some people out there living through that hell…

Reminds me of an earlier post I wrote.

Just do it.