Month: January 2009

How to manage a website

Digital & Online

Something very important was underlined for me today. In my opinion, my dear colleagues at the National Screen Institute have always been exceptional. And I’ve come to appreciate I need those exceptional people in place so that I can do my job as a web manager. And before you ask, no, this isn’t some sycophantic post. I’m serious. Many of the staff at the National Screen Institute are vital to the process of website management. […]

Gary Vaynerchuk tells it like it is


I’ve got a bunch of emails piling up at home that are all things I want to blog about here. HOWEVER. This one just couldn’t wait. The message from Gary Vaynerchuk is one that all companies large and small should heed. (Who is Gary? He apparently gained widespread notoriety as the host of Wine Library TV, a daily internet webcast on the subject of wine, according to Wikipedia. Now he touts himself as an internet […]

Super cool websites to visit


I love email. And so I religiously read everything that arrives in my inbox. This includes over 20 email subscriptions from technology, web design, blogging, social media and marketing websites. I couldn’t do my job without a lot of the information that comes my way. One of the requirements of website management is the need to continuously nuture your knowledge base. I find these email updates are one of the best ways to stay in […]

Twitter Power 150


Similar to my earlier post listing some great sites worth visiting, this list of the Twitter power 150 is a great collection of marketing and advertising people on Twitter. The list was compiled by Armando Alves on a site I recently discovered called A Source of Inspiration which covers digital marketing, creativity and other web stuff. It even includes some Canadian folks. There’s an interesting discussion about this list going on over at Six Pixels […]

Follow me on Twitter


I manage two Twitter accounts, neither of which was in my name. I was getting cabin fever. I’m a dog and an organisation. So I got me my very own. You can follow me @lizhover. Or follow my work Twitter @nsicanada. Or my dog @sadieshihtzu.