Month: May 2008

Deep breath – we’ve finally soft launched the site

Digital & Online

Yep – it’s May 27. Almost one month after our original soft launch date. But today – finally – I hit the send button and a message was delivered merrily to our beta phase testers giving them access to the test site. I’ve already had hiccups. The audio videos all sound like chipmunks – well they didn’t when I tested them ALL. SOS email already sent. I pretended to be an innocent visitor tonight and […]

A few hiccups but our website soft-launch is close

Digital & Online

Fear not dear reader, I’m still in the land of the living. Website tweaks and fiddles have consumed my time. And when I wasn’t doing that I was sipping chilled white wine, spending time with the husband or sleeping. Oh, and possibly shopping. I’ve spent much time trying to upload video to YouTube and Yahoo! Video. Turns out my files were just too darn big. That’s what you get for being new to a lot […]