Staff test the content management system

Digital & Online

Today I sent the content management system to all our staff to test.

There’s still lots of polishing and fixing to be done but I’m keen to hear about staff experiences with the system. I gave them the user manual, a spreadsheet on which to report any problems and a mini-test (for wimps who can’t face the big mother).

I’ve already had some feedback to which I’ve been replying, ‘Write it all in your report.’

I’ve heard mutterings from my neighbouring colleague as she wrestles with this entirely new ‘thing.’ ‘Refer to the manual,’ I shout across the office. And if it doesn’t make sense, write it in your report.’

Oh what fun this is.

Yesterday I handed over a bunch of video for editing to the journalist we’ve hired and got the first version of our opening video intro that will appear on all our online video. With a few tweaks we’ll be good to go.

Can’t remember if I mentioned we’ve ordered a professional microphone for our podcasts. It arrived. (Horrah!) But we couldn’t open it because the case was locked. And guess where the keys were? Inside the locked case. So we’re waiting for additional keys. Jeez.