Diary of a Web Gal

Today the podcast microphone arrived at work so I took it home to play.

There are no popping ‘p’s and I can easily use Garage Band to record with it. Sadly I don’t sound like the richly voiced sassy diva I had envisioned. I just sound like me.

We’ll use this mic to record our essential podcast intros and outros. I need to get my husband to record something for me. He is the male equivalent of the richly voiced sassy diva. Really.

And the mic – a Samson CO1U podcast mic – looks lovely but I’m buggered if I can work out how to assemble to mic stand. I’ve built a make-shift stand which works just fine. I’m just not using the ‘thumb screw’ to its full potential. Oh, or the one ton mic base. I’m really not sure why that was necessary.

Ok, it’s not really one ton but it might as well be. It just seems a bit redundant in my make-shift set-up.