Month: April 2008

Website launch draws ever closer

Digital & Online

Blimey I’m a bad blogger. I get email updates everyday from sites like ProBlogger and Daily Blog Tips. I would get a slapped wrist from them for being so lazy with my updates. We’re due to soft-launch our new website in just a few days. Gulp. The test site is looking good with still a few tweaks to be made. I’ve been busy trouble-shooting a bunch of things in anticipation of said launch. Today I […]

I heart Matt Bailey from SiteLogic


I just announced to my unconcerned husband that I haven’t blogged since April 9. Me and my co. have been super busy. Testing, testing, testing. I went to a workshop recently and discovered a new person I admire. Matt Bailey who founded SiteLogic is one of the most straight-talking guys I’ve ever listened to. I dream of the day we can bring him to Canada. You should check Matt out: Matt Bailey on video at […]


Diary of a Web Gal

Today the podcast microphone arrived at work so I took it home to play. There are no popping ‘p’s and I can easily use Garage Band to record with it. Sadly I don’t sound like the richly voiced sassy diva I had envisioned. I just sound like me. We’ll use this mic to record our essential podcast intros and outros. I need to get my husband to record something for me. He is the male […]

Staff test the content management system

Digital & Online

Today I sent the content management system to all our staff to test. There’s still lots of polishing and fixing to be done but I’m keen to hear about staff experiences with the system. I gave them the user manual, a spreadsheet on which to report any problems and a mini-test (for wimps who can’t face the big mother). I’ve already had some feedback to which I’ve been replying, ‘Write it all in your report.’ […]

Can testing make you testy?

Digital & Online

I recently performed a scientific experiment regarding the side-effects of CMS testing. I can exclusively reveal that continual website or content management system testing can cause: 1. Excessive drinking 2. Excessive smoking 3. Excessive blogging as a form of escapism 4. Excessive reading of other blogs as a form of escapism. I also looked at how this condition can be treated. The most effective treatment methods are: 1. Excessive drinking 2. Excessive smoking 3. Excessive […]