Website testing

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Today I got my paws on the much-talked-about content management system.

This week I’m testing it out. This is the second time I’ve tested it. “Hmmm… what is this ‘testing’ you talk of Web Gal?”

A content management system does as its name implies: it helps to manage the content on your website. If you have a blog, it’s a bit like a glorified version of blog posting. The content management system (or CMS as it’s often referred to) allows me to organise words and images and make them look good on my website. I can use the CMS to create a new menu item or delete one. I can move things around. It cuts out the need for someone who knows code. (What is code? It’s the crazy algebraic-like stuff that tech people use to make websites. By some freak of technology the code translates into glorious design and wonderment on a website. It’s normally called HTML code.) I don’t know much about code – a little, but not enough.

CMS is great for me and companies like the one I work for because it means lots of people – under guidance – can update web pages. I stress under guidance because you don’t want a bunch of people within your company getting their dirty mits on the website and chucking the style guide out the window and… well… messing things up. Which is why you have people like me who can oversee and guide people through this process.

Anyway, I got my own dirty mits on the CMS today and found all manner of things that need fixing.

For example, our website offers users a profile page. Users can upload a photo of themselves (like Facebook, but not like Facebook). Armed with my own photo I was ready to click a button that said ‘Upload photo’ alas no such button could be found. Apparently it was enough to just click ‘Save,’ and then my photo appeared. Not good enough for sometimes stupid people like moi. I need to action something to know it’s working.

There are many more small things like this that need fixing before I turn over the testing to the wider staff team. (WARNING: moan approaching. I spent half an hour formatting a blog posting for our new website only to save it and have it disappear into the blogosphere). So I hope you understand why I need things fixed before letting others use this system.