Keep jargon out of your news releases and your website


Before becoming a web gal, I was a publicist. As I read more and more great stuff about marketing and the internet, I come across stuff that still appeals to the publicist in me.

In particular, I like straight talking. I try to keep things clear and simple. As far as I’m concerned it’s no different in the world of work. Yes, you might be Mr or Mrs Big and Clever Boss Person who gobbles up and spews out jargon like there’s no tomorrow but really what everyone likes is straight talking. Reading something that makes sense.

Over at David Meerman Scott’s blog Web Ink Now, I just found a beautiful post about news release goobledygook.

I appeal to all publicists when I say, ‘Please pay attention to this stuff.’ Publicists: help ban these useless phrases. Don’t perpetuate them.

The same thing applies to website copy.

Sometimes we’re fighting an uphill battle with management who argue that we have to use certain phrases because our industry will understand them. I argue the opposite. Steven Krug says in his brilliant book Don’t Make Me Think that even your grandma should be able to understand what you put on your website. While it’s hard to do, we should all try to work towards making this a reality. No one wants to read jargon.

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  1. I have spent a lot of time in my latest job re-writing procedures so that they can be understood by new employees.
    My goal in doing this has always been to make them simple enough so someone walking in off the street could follow them..

    I join you in jargon dislike..

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