Month: March 2008

Web Gal does Bridget Jones

Diary of a Web Gal

I was thinking that Diary of a Web Gal could have been done like Bridget Jones’ Diary. Should Miss Gal be like Miss Jones? Emails sent: Zillions Emails received: Enough Websites surfed: Too many Hours spent in front of the computer: More than I will ever admit to Butt size increase as a result: Not telling I’ve come to realise that this blog is essentially my confessions and lifestyle. So, shush, don’t tell anyone what […]

Website testing continues

Digital & Online

Yesterday I spent pretty much the entire day going through the new website using the content management system. I’m not done yet. Spotted lots more things which need fixing – wrote 10 pages of notes for our web folks. Gee, bet they’ll be chuffed about that! There are some silly things like not being able to create a new blog post yet I can create a new blog category. Click to comment on a post […]

Website testing

Digital & Online

Today I got my paws on the much-talked-about content management system. This week I’m testing it out. This is the second time I’ve tested it. “Hmmm… what is this ‘testing’ you talk of Web Gal?” A content management system does as its name implies: it helps to manage the content on your website. If you have a blog, it’s a bit like a glorified version of blog posting. The content management system (or CMS as […]

Keep jargon out of your news releases and your website


Before becoming a web gal, I was a publicist. As I read more and more great stuff about marketing and the internet, I come across stuff that still appeals to the publicist in me. In particular, I like straight talking. I try to keep things clear and simple. As far as I’m concerned it’s no different in the world of work. Yes, you might be Mr or Mrs Big and Clever Boss Person who gobbles […]

Why you should launch a new website in beta

Digital & Online

If you’re launching a new website that has tight timelines, make sure you manage users’ expectations. One way to do this is to launch your site in beta. Lots of people do this including Google, CNN and Microsoft. There’s a great article on One Degree. The author (who I think is Clay Mitchell) says, “The beta theme is a potentially powerful tool for online marketers because it acts as a cue to website visitors. Basically […]

One Degree


I just found a website made for me: One Degree. They offer the inside scoop on digital marketing and social media for, get this, Canadian marketers. I am in website heaven. [Update: May 14, 2009 – I now tweet for One Degree on Twitter.]